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NEW: $79 $200 Fill The Form Below To Claim Your

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Special Offer

  • Decompression Consultation 

  • ​Digital X-Rays to Analyze Disc & Spine Problems or MRI/X-Ray review of any recent ones you have already taken.

  • ​Report of Findings & Treatment Recommendations

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Conditions Spinal Decompression Can Help

  • Low back pain
  • ​Disc Problems (protrusions, herniations)
  • ​Sciatica
  • ​Spinal Stenosis
  • ​Lumbar strains & sprains
  • ​Radiculopathy
  • ​Spondylothesis
  • ​Spinal Fusion
  • ​Failed Lumbar Surgical Syndrome
  • ​Degenerative Disc Disease
  • ​Pain Management
  • ​Pain Elimination
  • ​Neuropathy
  • ​Scoliosis
  • ​Arthritis in the Spine

How Spinal Decompression Works.

The focal point of spinal decompression is a medical machine/device that is controlled by a computer program. The device is attached to a patient’s body via a body harness. While the patient is lying fully clothed on a treatment table, the activated spinal decompression device starts separating the vertebrae. The specific decompression table we use, which you can see below, has over 20 different customizable protocols to treat each patient's specific back problems individually. 

Bryan's Testimonial

"I’ve been on other equipment before and it didn’t have the full range of capabilities for the adjustment necessary. The traction and sideways movements of the Back on Trac decompression is exactly what I need. It is very helpful." -Bryan

Linda's Testimonial

"When I get off the Back on Trac the pain is gone. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, in fact, I'd take it home if I could!" -Linda

Jeff's Testimonial

"After the first session my back felt really good! I've been glad to come back for follow treatments. Each one has shown marked improvement. I don't want to stop!" -Jeff

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